How to Maintain Pool Pumps

by Pool Builders on 06-20-2011 in Articles

Maintaining swimming pool pumps is an easy task as long as you care for four basic parts. These are the skimmer box, skimmer basket, The O-ring, and the filter. These are the parts that give owners the most trouble and knowing how to care for them is essential as well as quite easy. Let's take a look at each of these parts separately and see how to maintain them:

The Skimmer Box

The skimmer box needs to be far enough under the surface of the pool that it does not suck in air. Though many people do not see the harm of a little bit of air being sucked into the system, this can damage the pump over long periods. So make sure the water level is at least half way up the skimmer box. This will allow the box to skim the surface without taking in unwanted air as it does so.

The Skimmer Basket

The role of the skimmer basket is to trap leaves, dirt, and debris so that it does not enter the water circulation system that the pump handles. As such, the skimmer basket needs to e kept clean. Left unattended it can get clogged and prevent good circulation and flow generally. This means that the basket should be cleaned often. How often is up to the pool owner, but suffice it to say that once a day is ideal and very thorough (especially in windy areas with lots of leaves blowing around), several times a week is good, and once a week is reasonably adequate.


The o-ring in the filter needs to be cleaned fairly regularly. The best practice here is to clean both sides of the o-ring. This is something that is often neglected by pool owners. They clean only one side of the o-ring and as such it remains dirty on the other side and this can affect pump performance. Make sure to clean the surfaces of both sides. You might also consider putting a lubricant, one designed for the pool use, on the o-ring.

Pump Filter

Pump filters should be cleaned at least every two weeks. This can be done by backwashing - reversing water flow within the system to blast out the filters. This empties debris from them and insures that the system remains clean and in a high performance condition. Accumulated debris is one of the most common problems affecting swimming pool pump systems and their functioning. So keep your filters clear and clean by backwashing them as frequently as possible.

Regular maintenance is an important part of pool ownership and it pays to take care of it. The swimming pool pump, being the main component of water circulation, is the most fundamental system to maintain in good working condition. Simply making sure the four components mentioned above are clean is a large part of the pool maintenance process.

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