How to Maintain Your Concrete Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2012 in Articles

Do you often find yourself complaining about water problems for your pool? Most people complain about their pool turning murky green because of algae or others will complain about the burning sensation experienced by the eyes and nose upon entering the pool.

There is sometimes, even a strong smell of chlorine that can add to the discomfort. If you are facing these issues with your concrete pool, then you need to carry out proper maintenance that is required for such pools.

To make sure you have clean and clear water in the swimming pool, you must focus on two areas. One of these is adjusting the chemical balance of the water and the second is eliminating dirt that may settle in your swimming pool.

Maintaining the chemical balance

You cannot add chemicals whenever you remember to and expect your pool's chemical balance to be maintained effectively. To balance this out at a level that does not cause burning in the eyes and nose, you need to first test the pool water on a daily basis. Then you should fix the levels in accordance with the results you achieve after carrying out the test. You must then add the right amount of chemicals.

Eliminating dirt

The best and most effective way to get rid of dirt is to buy a good quality water filtration system. This allows for water circulation and it clears the water. Investing in a good brand for a water filtration system would be wise and worthwhile.

Vacuuming as well as brushing the surface of the pool when empty reduces the chances of any unwanted substances in your concrete swimming pools. The filtration system also needs to be cleaned and replaced if necessary.

If you do not take these necessary precautions, you could be risking exposure to some waterborne diseases. This is because pools are just a body of water and they can easily be contaminated. There has been an increase in diseases caused by swimming pools in recent years.

It is impossible to stop bacteria and virus from infecting your pool completely but you can reduce the level of contamination by maintaining your pool and keeping it clean on a regular basis. However, you must remember not to overuse chemicals when cleaning your pool - even chlorine can be a cause of certain health related problems.

So if these few factors are taken care of, you can enjoy a great time with your family and friends in and around the pool.

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