How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2010 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your own yard is a good experience. You would be able to rest, have fun with your children as well as enjoy the sun most of the year. Besides the cost of having your pool installed, you'll also need to think about the maintenance cost. Before you go and have a swimming pool installed, you would need to have at least a basic knowledge on everything about pools and its maintenance.


Sanitizing your pool will keep it guarded against bacteria. You will need the chemical chlorine to help keep your pool sanitized. The bacteria along with other organic elements killed by the chlorine is removed from the pool via a filter system. There are various kinds of chlorine available on the market. But the active ingredient in each of the type is in fact the same no matter which brand you choose.

When adding chlorine in your swimming pool, avoid just dumping it into the water or putting the chlorine tablets in the skimming container. You would need floating chlorine feeder or an automatic chemical feeder in order to disperse chlorine in the water. If you just dump it in the water, it might affect the pool's circulation and also it's filter system.

An additional option would be the use of bromine. Just like chlorine it could also kill bacteria as well as other pool debris. Bromine is normally used to sanitize spas and hot tubs. The main benefit of selecting bromine is that it is less irritating to eyes and skin. Nevertheless the odor of the chemical bromine is more difficult to wash away.

Shocking Your Swimming Pool

Shocking your swimming pool on consistent basis can remove the waste and contaminants. Shocking mean that you would be burning the debris and eventually restore the chlorine level of the pool. Having the water shocked would eliminate the strong smell of chlorine and simultaneously make it easier for your filters and pumps to get rid of waste materials from your pool.


Green algae are among the most usual problems for pool owners. Most algae growth happens when the chlorine level of the pool is not adequately maintained. Green algae get destroyed right away by a chlorine level of 1ppm or higher. Yet another method of eliminating green algae is brushing the walls of the pool at least every week.

Pump and Filter Issues

Any pump that is more that 7 to 8 years is actually in need of a replacement. Newer pumps do not have to be maintained like the older models. The more recent models are also more energy efficient and can work on with larger quantities of water. Besides the pump, you'll also need to be aware of the pressure gauge. You'll need a pressure gauge to see if the water pressure is in normal levels. A pressure gauge that is not working correctly would fail to indicate if there is unnecessary high pressure stress on your pump and filter.

Normally, maintaining a swimming pool will require time and effort. Moreover, It would be more difficult to clean a pool during storms. These are the issues that you would need to bear in mind when getting a billiards. It is indeed enjoyable to have a pool at your own home, if you maintain it well.

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