How to Maintain a Swimming Pool - 5 Easy Steps

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2009 in Articles

Learning how to maintain a swimming pool is something that can be intimidating for people. The perception is that it's a lot of work, so either people think twice about getting a pool, or they opt for hiring a company to do it for them. You don't want to miss out on the enjoyment of owning a pool or waste thousands of dollars in hiring someone to do what you can easily do yourself. It's easier to learn how to maintain a swimming pool than you thought.

The first step in how to maintain a swimming pool is also one of the most basic. Keep it covered! Why let in dirt and debris when you don't have to? It takes a few extra minutes of your time, but that time would have to be spent cleaning those things out anyways. This will also help keep the water more clear from the unseen elements, such as dirt and bacteria, and save you money on chemical treatments.

The second step in how to maintain your pool, and one of the most important, to maintain a swimming pool is to keep a proper water balance. Check your pool's pH balance, free chlorine and total alkalinity every second day. Add chemicals as needed.

The third step in how to maintain a swimming pool is to sanitize the water using chlorine tablets or sticks that you can add to your pool's automatic feeder or skimmer basket.

The fourth step in how to maintain a swimming pool is weekly (or every other week) shocking. This will prevent a build up of contaminants. If your pool has been heavily used, shock it again to replenish chlorine and avoid problems.

The fifth step in how to maintain a swimming pool is good algae control. If you are already keeping a well-balanced and sanitized pool, algae should not become a problem. However, it's a good idea to include algaecide on a weekly basis to be sure.

Learning how to maintain a swimming pool properly is easy and the steps will only take a few minutes a day several times a week. You will have a clean, sparkling pool ready and waiting for you with just a small investment of time and money.

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