How to Maintain a Swimming Pool (An Easy Formula!)

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2009 in Articles

4 simple steps to proper pool maintenance

If you've ever thought of having your own swimming pool, but were concerned about costly ongoing maintenance, you can be rest assured that this is something you can do on your own. Learning how to maintain a swimming pool is easier than you think. These four basic steps will keep your pool healthy, clear and beautiful throughout the season.

How to maintain a swimming pool - Step #1

Maintaining proper water chemistry is essential. Investing in a simple water testing kit can allow you to check your water's chlorine levels, pH balance, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and stabilizer levels. You should check these levels every second day while your pool is being regularly used. In the winter months you should still check the water chemistry, as bacteria and algae can still grow.

How to maintain your pool - Step #2

Clean your water filter often. The filter is there to keep the water free of dirt and small debris, and these elements can easily build up quickly, so you should give it a good clean regularly. Swimming pool filters can vary, so follow the instructions carefully.

How to maintain a swimming pool - Step #3

Clean your pool's skimmers. Your skimmers trap larger debris such as leaves, garbage, bugs, and other debris that would otherwise get trapped in your pool's filter, possibly damaging it. All of these items can bring with them bacteria and other harmful organisms. Therefore you want to be sure to empty the removable baskets in the skimmers regularly.

How to maintain your pool - Step #4

Automatic sweepers and vacuums are very handy to have, to reduce a lot of the manual work involved in cleaning a pool. They are very effective at cleaning your pool's floors, stairs and walls and keeping the water free of debris. However this work can also be done through your pool's pump and filtration system, by brushing dirt and small debris toward the pool's main drain, which will then take it to the filter.

Now you know that getting your own swimming pool doesn't have to involve high cost professional services for ongoing maintenance. Learning how to maintain a swimming pool yourself is easy to do, can save you a lot of money, and helps you to become a more educated, confident pool owner. Let your swimming pool dreams become a reality.

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