How to Maintain a Swimming Pool (Made Super Easy!)

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2009 in Articles

How to Maintain a Pool  - 3 Simple Steps

Swimming pools are wonderful places for entertainment, exercise, and relaxation. Your swimming pool is a haven for your friends and family to enjoy, so learning how to maintain a swimming pool properly is very important. The best part is you don't have to hire expensive professionals to do it for you.  Following these three simple steps can save you tons of money every year.

How to maintain a swimming pool Step #1 - Keep it Clean

The saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure definitely holds true when learning how to maintain a swimming pool. You want to keep foreign objects out of your pool water. Things such as dirt, debris, leaves, and even rainfall can carry harmful organisms with them such as bacteria. The first way to keep your pool from being contaminated is to keep it covered whenever it's not in use. Some people don't want to be bothered covering their pool after each use, but they are only creating more work for themselves and incurring more expenses down the road. Foreign contaminants mean that you will have to add more chemicals to counteract them, so why not keep them out in the first place? The second way to prevent water contamination is to skim your pool before each use. You should also brush your pool's walls stairs and floor regularly, and give it a good vacuum. That will also keep your filter from being clogged and will extend its useful life.

How to maintain a swimming pool Step #2 - Chemical Balancing

Invest in a simple water testing kit, so that you can check your water's chemical makeup. This will tell you whenever you need to add chemicals so that the chlorine, total alkalinity, and pH balance of your swimming pool water remains within proper ranges.  All of those things should be checked every second day while the pool is in use. Then on a weekly basis add shock to the pool, to help guard against the buildup of contaminants. If your pool has been used more frequently add additional shock. You should also add algaecide each week. A properly sanitized and well-balanced swimming pool usually won't be a candidate for an algae problem, but just to be sure you should protect against this difficult-to-get-rid-of problem.

How to maintain a swimming pool Step #3 - Clean the Filter

Your pool's filter is an integral part of the swimming pool system, so you should follow the manufacturer's guidelines carefully and give your pool's filter a regular clean. That will keep it free and clear of dirt and debris, so it can do its job properly.

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