How to Maintain a Swimming Pool - Tips From the Pool Guy

by Pool Builders on 08-09-2009 in Articles

As the weather gets warmer, a lot of us turn to our backyards and start to look lovingly at our clothed swimming pool, envisioning it naked once again. Some of us are perhaps lucky enough to enjoy swimming pools year round. Read on to find out how to maintain swimming pool health. A healthy swimming pool means a healthy and happy family staycation. So sit back, relax and then get to work to maintain your swimming pool's health.

Tip 1

You really need to stay on top of your swimming pools health. It is easier to maintain swimming pool health than it is to put it though emergency resuscitation. And honestly, it doesn't take all htat long. The first order of business is to make sure you are keeping an eye on the chemical levels at least once a week. And it wouldn't be remiss to check them more often if you've got lots of trees and shrubs nearby. Using a test that is easily available online or through a local store be sure to keep an eye on the pH level. You're aiming for a narrow range of between 7.4 and 7.6 parts per million or ppm. Follow the instructions to get the pH at the correct level.

Tip 2

To maintain swimming pool health, be sure to follow all the tips we're suggesting. A chlorine residual is another marker you need to keep in check. Although here there is a little more leeway. Aim for 1.5 to 3 ppm of chlorine. One of the easiest ways of maintaining this is by using chlorine tablets or an automatic floating chlorinator. All available online or through your local retail. Adding and monitoring a stabilizer (such as cyanuric acid) reading of between 30 to 80 ppm will help prolong the chlorine's effectiveness.

Tip 3

As you should know by now on how to maintain swimming pool health, there is some elbow grease required. Be sure to brush the sides and bottom of your pool on a weekly basis to keep algae away, unless you want to swim in the swamps. Also skim leaves and bugs off the pool as needed to.

With just these 3 tips you will maintain swimming pool health so that you can enjoy years of fun by your pool. For more in depth tips and advice to save piles of cash and reduce your maintenance time to just 5 minutes a week, please visit: Head on over right now so you too can begin enjoying these money saving "insider secrets" today!

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