How to Make Adult Swim Training Less Boring  

by Pool Builders on 02-18-2014 in Articles

So that all technique modifications will occur with 100% of energy resources available, it is important to develop the athletic state early. But with all the hours upon hours you'll need to spend in the pool, how does one stay motivated and stave off boredom?

Any swimmer knows only too well how it feels to spend hours in the pool. After running swimming training videos through, anyone new to the sport will surely wonder how swimmers stay motivated and stave off boredom. What can those who aren't pros do to get the best excitement from swimming training videos? Here are some tips:

1. Have a clear goal

A beginner should have a session program planned out to follow to keep motivation levels at their highest. Just by knowing what you're supposed to do each day, the benefits you can reap are endless. Basically, you can make notes or watch swimming training videos with times, which you can then review after a few weeks or months and see how far you've excelled. In addition, setting clear goals removes all that blunder and indecision when you put on swim gear and how many laps to do, which technique, how fast, etc. Lastly, a program should be specifically designed with your goals considered, so every practice session has a practical purpose.

2. Make it unique and your own

All your training sessions shouldn't be the same each time. The ones in your new plan, like going to the pool thrice a week to do 30-minute gentle breaststrokes, isn't necessarily wrong. Do what makes you feel better. Though it's not really going to be easy to reach the next level of your training or increase fitness levels, training at your own pace will keep you motivated and make every session exciting. Essentially, the foundation of the average training schedule covers distance work, speed work, drills, and an easy recovery swim. However, if you are having a hard time balancing your schedule, try joining a club, watching swimming videos, or hiring a coach. All these options will surely point you in the right direction.

3. Target mini-goals if you're having a hard time staying in the zone

Whenever you feel bored, try counting your strokes. Do different things like see if you could do more or fewer strokes in the next lap or see how many strokes you could do without breathing. It's very important to stay focused and be in the zone with a technical pastime. However, never distract yourself completely by thinking about your job or your upcoming vacation.

4. Set targets for each training session

With every training session you have a goal of hitting those splits or completing the distances, the more motivated you'll become. It's all short term. As a swimmer, you should really not think about the long term - what you're doing now, this week, or for that event you'll be joining in two months. The risks of overtraining can get you injured or ill, so don't think further ahead. Focus on the overall process and not the outcome.

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