How to Make Swimming Pools Safe For Kids

by Pool Builders on 05-17-2010 in Articles

Fencing and alarm installation. A fence of at least four feet high is recommended around the swimming pool area. Installing a fence alarm system is also advisable. If a child tries to go inside the gate, the alarm would go off to alert anyone that a child has entered the area. A pool alarm is also an option. It alerts adults if a child falls into the pool through changes in the water's displacement.

Personal alarm. This is an alarm worn by your child which goes off if it gets wet to warn parents that the child is in the water.

Swimming pool cover. This is a great way to prevent kids from getting access to the water. Make sure it is installed properly into the pool area.

Toys should be kept away from the swimming pool. Drowning happens when kids try to recover toys from the swimming pool. Aside from that, always discourage children from playing near the water.

Sunscreen. To protect your kids from the harmful rays of the sun, use sunscreen with the right formulation for their sensitive skin.

Educate your kids. One of the most helpful ways is to teach your child of the safety rules when swimming. Make this a part of their swimming routine.

Learn First Aid. Learn how to do CPR. Keep a first aid kit should always be available in case of emergency.

Adult supervision. Keep a watchful eye when your kids are near the swimming pool. This is the best thing to do when a child is around water.

I hope the steps mentioned above will help you and your family to have a safe and fun swimming experience. Have a fun in the sun!

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