How to Make Your Swimming Pool Stand Out at Night

by Pool Builders on 10-16-2008 in Articles

It's nice to able to enjoy a nice quiet evening in the pool when everyone else has left. Taking a swim at night is so refreshing and so peaceful. However, in order to do this, you must have adequate lighting so you can see what you're doing. Having the right type of lighting will create a beautiful effect that you will not forget.

Installing lights in your pool, whether it's an inground our above ground pool, can provide a quiet atmosphere. They can provide breathtaking illumination while you're relaxing in the water.

Depending on what kind of pool you have, there are different types of lights you can use to make your pool look spectacular. You can have lights for your inground and above ground pools, fiber optics and for a fountain if you have one installed.

When lighting an inground pool, the lights are under water. They are not just any kind. They add colorful effects that make the area stand out.

You can also get them for above ground pools in different colors and styles. These also have color changing features that can illuminate your area. These are different because they are extremely bright when used. If you have a deck, it will also show that off.

Using fiber optics will provide dramatic affects to not only your swimming pool. If you have a spa or waterfall, it will showcase that as well. Lights for the fountains come in large or small sizes.

Pool lights can be purchased from brick and mortar retailers or online retailers. Check with several of them on pricing before you make a final decision. Make sure to ask questions regarding which ones to use if you're not sure. For safety reason, you will need an experienced professional or an electrician to install the lights underwater or for above ground pool.

The installer should test them several times to make sure they are working properly. They should also give you some tips on how to maintain them when they're not in use.

There's nothing more gratifying than having a night out in the pool with lights. Having them installed provides a beautiful backdrop for your landscape. They can change the entire atmosphere of your backyard and your pool.

Adding this to your home will make you stand out from the rest. So whether you're having a romantic evening, or an evening barbecue, proper illumination can do wonders for your backyard.

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