How to Make a Heated Swimming Pool at Home

by Pool Builders on 08-09-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools are recreational facilities that may be constructed at home. Sometimes the weather may not be favorable for a dive into the water. This can be changed by having the water warmer than the weather temperature. Usually the water in the pipes is warmer during the morning hours due to the heat absorbed in the day. To maintain a warmer water temperature, the water in the balance tank can be circulated through a heating system. This can be electrical, gas or solar systems as heaters.

When constructing the pool deck and any other shelters, the heating system is incorporated. The systems can be in two parts where one supplements the other. This is more so due to the costs of using electricity. The water from the balance tank is caused to circulate into the pool thus keeping a constant temperature of water. The pipes leading into and out of the pool can pass through a heater. This will be made possible using the machine for cleaning and filtering the dirt from the swimming pool.

The swimming pool may have a shelter for keeping of wind and the sun. The shelters are usually made of canvas or polythene material. This maybe used to carry the pipe system for heating. The water pipes are placed on top of the shelter before entering the pool from the balance tank or the pump equipment. The surface is converted into a table for placing the heater on top. this will use the sun or warm weather available. An electric water heater is also placed along the piping but is used on extreme circumstances only.

The heating of the pool is done using a solar system. A corrugated iron sheet panel is laid on the shelter roof. This is used to increase the surface area of water heated. Each corrugation acts as a pipe. This is then painted black or bitumen is spread on top. It is used for absorbing the the heat. any temperature above the water one will be absorbed and conveyed back to the pool.Any time vacuuming or the pool equipment is turned on, the water runs through this sheets. Therefore as the water circulates, it gets heated.

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