How to Make the Pool a Muscle Building and Fat Loss Tool

by Pool Builders on 07-27-2008 in Articles

In a pool is the best place to be on those hot, humid afternoons. I love diving off that board and chilling out. Yep, I'm chatting about swimming.

As a bodybuilder and fitness nut I love swimming. Not only is it fun, if you'll tread with me (haha) I'll tell you why. Grab your suit!

As far as cardio exercise goes, swimming is the best kind of exercise for bodybuilders. Running, which is a great cardio workout for the lungs and heart, is not so good on the joints. If you spend a lot of time doing squats, you need to keep your ankles and knees in good shape and swimming is the way to go.

The great thing about swimming is not only is it an excellent cardio workout; it gives you a full body workout, with NO IMPACT. For bodybuilders this is a wonderful way to strengthen muscles and work the old heart and lungs without putting undo stress on the joints.

Another benefit of swimming is that it builds up flexibility, something most builders spend too little time working on. You should always stretch a bit before you swim, too. Guru Caleb always emphasizes stretching before any type of workout!

Now, there is ne thing which bodybuilders should be aware of when it comes to swimming. You shouldn?t do this as your only form of exercise. While swimming is great for your health, it won?t help you get that ripped, defined look that competitive bodybuilders are aiming for.

The reason you don't want swimming to be your only exercise: cool water in the pool distributes your body fat differently! It causes the fat to be stored just under the skin which will make it difficult to have your definition come through.

Don't let all this scare you out of swimming. Work it into your other cardio routines, whether you walk or bike, and enjoy the variety.

Until next time, see you at the gym (or the pool)!

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