How to Minimise Pool Equipment Repairs  

by Pool Builders on 08-27-2013 in Articles

There is more to owning a pool than may first meet the eye. Pools need pumps and other equipment to run them hygienically and like most equipment, it is sure to break down or need servicing over time. Pool equipment repairs cannot be done by someone who knows nothing about such things and so you need to get in a professional.

That is not to say you need to get a professional mechanic from the local car repair business. Even they may not know how to fix a swimming pool pump if their training is only for car engines. However, you can get someone who knows all about how to keep pool equipment up and running. Such a person will very likely advertise under pool repairs.

When you have your pool installed, the installers will very likely leave you instructions on what to do for maintenance and cleaning. They may give you a few hints on how to keep the pump and filters in good condition. And they may alert you to warning signs of impending trouble such as excessive noise or vibration in the pump. That will probably keep you out of trouble for a while, at least while everything is new.

However, things don't stay new and pool maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis, whether that is cleaning the actual pool and filter, or oiling the pump. If such things are not done, then your pool water will not stay clean and it could contain harmful bacteria. This is not something you want to happen as it can cause many health problems in the family.

Besides, such problems are harder and much more costly to fix than to prevent - and meanwhile, you cannot use the pool. For instance, if you don't maintain the pump you will soon be up for pool pump repair and this will cost you a lot more than the maintenance would have. Plus you really should not use the pool until the pump is once again chugging away doing its job of cleaning the water.

So if you want to minimize pool equipment repairs the best way to do it is to spend the time and effort needed in proper maintenance. Regular maintenance will ensure that your loved ones are safe and that your pool is a place where you can happily spend lots of time in the hot summer weather.

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