How to Pick a Hotel for Your Trip to Los Angeles  

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If you are planning a trip to the Los Angeles area and are looking for a hotel that fits your needs, look to travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity that can help. You can save time searching if you already have an idea of what you need, so take a look below to help you decide on how to pick a hotel for your Los Angeles trip.


The location of the hotel is very important; you can save much needed time and money in travel expenses if you plan on visiting the nearby attractions. Check the surrounding area and ensure that you are near the attractions you wish to see while there or at least near an easy access mode of transportation. You may pay more to be right on the beach, but if you are planning on visiting the beach each day while you are there, it might actually be worth the added expense.

Business Amenities

If you are traveling on business or plan to do business while you are there, be sure there are business amenities included at the hotel. The front desk usually offers business services for a fee and most hotels offer free high speed internet access throughout their hotel and even have business centers where you can use the hotels complimentary computer and printer.

If you are planning a business function, look for hotels that offer meeting space, audio and visual equipment and concierge desks that can assist with event planning or catering. Having a work desk in your hotel room can be a huge bonus; some hotels will offer ergonomically correct chairs to help keep you comfortable if you have to work during your stay.

Entertainment Amenities

If you are stuck at the hotel and there is nothing to do, you could be in for a long trip, especially if you are traveling with children. Look for hotels that offer swimming pools, spas, fitness centers and arcade rooms. If you are traveling off season, look for hotels that offer indoor pools as well, just in case it rains or the weather gets a bit too chilly for outdoor swimming. Some hotels offer in room video game consoles; this is a great way to keep an eye on the kids while you get some work done and not have them climbing the walls. If the hotel offers Internet access in public areas, take your laptop down by the pool for a change of atmosphere.


Free coffee, managers receptions, daily newspapers and complimentary breakfast...these all add up to savings for you. Most hotels offer these amenities, but not all. Look around if you want to save some money during your stay.


Read what others are saying about the hotel before you book. It is better to not be hit with any surprises once you arrive. Most reviews are honest; sift through them and make your own decisions about what you choose to believe.

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