How to Protect a Swimming Pool From Leaves and Dirt

by Pool Builders on 11-12-2009 in Articles

Swimming pools are good recreation facilities in a home. They are located usually on the open spaces of the compound. Once the home is finished, the landscaping may be hard and soft. This will include trees planted to offer shades and for greenery. When trees around the pool are mature, they shed off their leaves. The open pool will collect dirt and leaves which end up piling on the surface. A mechanical method of removal is by using the pool net to sieve them off in the water.

The swimming pool has a decking around it. On this decking sun bathing beds and chairs are placed on it. A shade can be erected around the pool to protect the pool and offer cover to this swimming pool furniture. A net material with small pores that allow light but trap dirt and leaves can be erected. This pool nets are erected about fifteen feet off the pool. The height is ten feet high. This can be formed as curved or angled. The roof should be sloped to allow water and dirt to be shed off.

The erection of swimming pool shades starts by measuring the area to be covered. Steel posts of ten feet high are cast onto the ground. They are of two inches diameter. They are spaced at six feet intervals. Next The roof supports are welded or bolted onto them. They are placed at an angel of thirty degrees. They are nine feet long. A short bracket is welded to allow for strength as they are cantilevered towards the pool. Six pieces of one inch flat bars are welded along this rods to provide a frame work.

When the swimming pool shade frame work is complete, the net is measured to cover it. A drill is used to make holes of one foot apart. This is used for the tieing wire or polythene thread for fastening the net onto the frame work. Once the net covers the frame, it is fastened onto the frame work with wire or thread. The net must be fastened strongly to avoid the wind, dirt or rain water from sticking on it. When tying is finished, the pool furniture can now be put underneath. The posts should be painted to prevent rusting.

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