How to Read a Pool Filter Gauge

by Pool Builders on 02-15-2009 in Articles

Swimming pool equipment can be one of the most misunderstood parts of owning a pool. One of the simplest tools to use is the pool filter gauge. For some reason people have a difficult time figuring out what the readings on the gauge is trying to say. The article you are about to read will help clarify the meaning of the readings.

Most of the pool filter gauges have readings from zero to 60. The numbers stand for pounds per square inch. This means that the pump is pushing water threw the filter, and there is a certain amount of resistance. This causes pressure to build and is measured by numbers.

The higher the reading the greater the pressure in the filter. This is mainly caused by the pool filter being dirty. In most cases all that needs to be done is to backwash the filter. This process will clean the dirt from the filter, this in turn will make for a lower gauge reading. If this does not solve the problem the filter should be taken apart and cleaned. There are also a variety of thing that can cause a high reading on the filter gauge. One should look for a valve possibly being closed or something may be preventing the water from returning to the pool. Always read the owners manual to see the limits of your filter. High pressure could cause cracks in the tank or worse the tank exploding, sending water and debris in all directions possibly causing injury.

Most people think that the lower the reading the dirtier the filter has become. What it really means is that the water is flowing freely and the result is a low pressure reading on the gauge. This means the filter is clean. The ideal pressure reading for the pool filters is between 10 and 20 psi. For other types of pool filters refer to your owners manual.

Then there are readings of zero. There can be several reasons for this to occur. One might be that the pool pump has lost its prime. This means that there is no water flowing through the pump. This could be caused from air being sucked into the pump. Another reason might be that the pump basket is full of debris which will cause the flow of water to stop. Another reason might be that the pump impeller has become jammed with leaves preventing it from sucking water.

In conclusion a high reading means the filter is dirty or the water is not returning to the pool. A zero reading means that water is not flowing threw the filter. A low reading means the filter is clean and everything should be working correctly.

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