How to Remove Algae in Pool Water

by Pool Builders on 05-07-2009 in Articles

Algae in pool water is a common problem and frustration for many pool owners. This is particularly true if your pool is surrounded by trees or is exposed to bad weather quite often. Here's what you can do to remove algae in pool water and get it sparkling clean and safe once again.

The best chemical for the job is a chlorine based shock. Shock is designed to raise the levels of chlorine in your swimming pool quickly, so that nothing organic can survive. The typical dose of shock needed is around 1 bag per 10,000 gallon of water in the swimming pool. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer for their suggested shock level.

Before adding any shock however, you'll want to manually brush as much algae as you can from the walls and bottom of your swimming pool. This will allow the anti-algae agents you'll be using in later steps, to clear up the problem far more quickly.

While adding shock, your pool pump should be running, and should stay running for all day and night, until the water is back to normal. Because you are effectively killing the algae in pool water, your filter needs to be monitored and cleaned fairly consistently. If the filter is not cleaned properly, the algae may return.

If the problem doesn't seem as though it is improving after 24 hours, add another dose of shock and repeat the process.

After your pool shows no more signs of green, thoroughly vacuum your pool to get rid of all the dead algae that has settled to the bottom of the water.

Algae in pool water doesn't need to be a problem if you keep an eye on your chemical levels. Always test your pool water regularly, even during off-season months, to avoid any unwanted growth or problems.

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