How to Remove a Stain From Your Pool Liners

by Pool Builders on 05-13-2010 in Articles

A stain on your pool's liner is more than just an unsightly mess. It can cause damage to the liner itself and create an unhealthy swimming environment. But don't worry; cleaning up liner stains is relatively simple. Here's how to do it.

Find where the stain is coming from. You can often tell what's causing a stain by the color. A greenish or brown stain probably comes from something organic, like algae or leaves. A reddish brown stain is probably from rust, particularly if it's near a metal object like a ladder. Stains from copper will be green or bluish-green. Stains from manganese are black or purple. These metal stains may be more difficult to remove than organic stains.

Figure out whether or not to drain your pool. Some organic stains can be removed with a shock treatment and a brush with good stiff bristles. An enzyme treatment can also remove the stain with almost no scrubbing. So you may not need to drain your pool.

More stubborn stains will require the remove of your pool liner, in which case you'll need to drain your pool. Once it's drained, follow the manufacturer's instructions on your pool liner, taking care to keep all the clips, hooks and other attachments so the liner will be easy to reinstall. Spread the liner out on a grassy, smooth section of your lawn, making sure there are no sharp rocks or branches around to poke holes in it.

Clean the stain. Combine one part bleach with two parts water and use this scrub the stain after giving it a thorough soak. This process requires a lot of patience; you may need to repeat the process several times, or soak for several hours before you scrub. Once you've removed the stain, hose off the liner to remove the bleach, and allow it to dry in the sun over about the course of an afternoon.

Reinstall the liner. The manufacturer's instructions that come with your liner should show you how to do this. If you think you may have trouble with this, you may want to call a pool service professional ahead of time.

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