How to Repair Swimming Pool Cracks

by Pool Builders on 05-17-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are fancy looking attractions in a backyard that serves as a place to relax and release stress after a long day at work. Keeping a pool in shape needs some effort but can be easily done without even hiring a professional pool repairman. With the right materials and a simple guide on how to repair cracks on your pool, you can do it on your own.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare all the necessary materials needed for the repairing of the swimming pool cracks. Most of these materials can be found in one place such as the hardware so there are no worries of getting hassle when purchasing them. Below are the materials needed for this type of pool work.

Epoxy - this helps a lot in patching up cracks all over the pool whether they may be small or large. Before you use epoxy, make sure that you have scanned all of the areas of your pool and you can mark the cracks with a marker so that you will not miss a crack as sometimes you can overlook them due to their size.

Epoxy paint - add this one on your epoxy to make the chemical unnoticeable and that it will blend and match perfectly with the colors of the tiles. Make sure that you purchased the right color as you would not want the patches to be obvious as they will destroy the visual appeal of your pool.

Paintbrush - use this one so that you can clean the surface of the crack and make it ready for patching. Paintbrush can also be used to spread the epoxy evenly on the surface of the crack. The size of the brushes depend on where you will use it and how small or large the crack that needs repairing. Purchasing more than one or two paintbrushes is a good idea as you will encounter many different sizes and shapes of cracks.

As soon as you finished checking the pool for cracks, decide on which cracks you would like to repair as some peels look like hairline cracks but are actually the product of wash and wear. Prepare a good amount of epoxy with the epoxy paint that matches the color of the pool. Make sure that there are no cracks overlooked as you will need to be working in a fast pace as epoxy quickly hardens depending on how much you use. You can always repeat the patching process if you feel that you are not satisfied with only one wave of crack patching. Remember to properly distribute the epoxy by using the paintbrush correctly and in fast brush strokes.

You can also search for additional information regarding the proper patching and other materials available and acceptable for patching pool cracks although most pool owners use epoxy. You can also ask friends who own swimming pools as anyone who has one gets to experience repairing their pools every once in a while due to many factors.

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