How to Run a First Class Pool Party: Great Theme Ideas

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2010 in Articles

Everyone knows that having a pool instantly makes you cooler when you're a kid. Most parents understand that once that pool is ready to go, that many a pool party will follow. A pool party requires:

  1. A pool
  2. Props i.e. beach balls, pool noodles, lilos, inflatable palm trees etc
  3. Themed decorations
  4. Costumes
  5. Themed food
  6. Plates/napkins to serve with, because wet kids will grab at the food and you don't want it in your pool!

We've put together a list of great parties that you can hold for your kids, just make sure you pack the deck chairs, pool pump and any fragile plants away because as we all know, kids plus pool makes for exciting times!

Pirate Pool Party: Kids come dressed as pirates or mermaids, clutching the treasure map themed party invites, X marking the spot of the pool. Meet the children in the front yard, or in the hall and wait till they're all there and then divide into two teams. Tie a streamer around their wrists so they remember what team they are in, and have a Chocolate coin treasure hunt that leads to the pool. To prevent your pool turning chocolate coloured (and giving your pool cleaner extra work), have too big pots just outside the pool fence, and get the children to submit their coins for an ice cream or party pie, telling them the coins will go into their lolly bags. Some great pirate games are "sinking ship" (seeing how many of their team they can fit on one lilo) and "walk the plank" as a prize for standard party games.

Jungle Pool Party: Cluster your plants around the pool and invite your child's friends on an environmental adventure they won't ever forget. With animal or explorer costumes, the kids will love this pool party with a twist. Games such as "Amazon Water Snake Races" where the children race each other on pool noodles, or "Finding Fishes" where they dive for cellophane fish attached to (small) weights or "Bird and Snake search" where the kids have an out-of-pool hunts for cellophane bird and snakes are all great ways to engage all your kid's guests, regardless of their swimming skills. As the party winds down you can pop on any of the kids movies set in jungles such as "Up", "Fern Gulley" or even "Dora the Explorer", depending on their age. Depending on how you're feeling, "Sleeping Lions" is definitely an option too.

Beach Ball Party: Host the standard pool party with a bit of a twist. This is perfect for sports-mad kids because it's all about the ball, you'll probably need to invest in a couple from cheap party stores. Games such as water polo, swimming volley ball and head-soccer (moving the ball with only your head) are exactly the ticket for this party, and the finale event is a ball themed-party cake, or cupcakes.

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