How to Save Water on Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-19-2010 in Articles

Most people who own a pool know that these take quite a bit of water. When you run your pool during the summer, you will pay extra in your water bills. While some of this can't be avoided, there is quite a bit of wasted water in pools that you can prevent. Find out what you can do to save water on your pool.

Before you fill up the pool, try to get a professional to come out and check for leaks. This should be done every few years. Small leaks can lead to thousands of gallons in wasted water each year. Getting these fixed with help you save money on the water bills.

Use an evaporative cover. This keeps the water in the pool while you use the cover. This is best when you aren't swimming in the pool everyday. Cover up your pool and save water that would otherwise evaporate in the hot summer weather.

Block the wind as best as you can. The wind skimming across the top of your pool causes the water to evaporate more quickly. Block the wind with a fence, tree, or other items.

Don't heat your pool so much. The hotter you pool is, the more water you are going to lose from it. Turn the pool water heater off if you have one when you aren't using it to save on water.

Install a rainwater tank. This is a small tank that can actually save rain water that will help top off the pool when the water starts to run low. It's a great way of passively filling back up the pool for the water that is lost. If you get frequent rain, this is a very helpful technique.

When in the pool with many people, plug up the overflow line when everyone is in the pool. This will keep more water in the pool versus draining it all down this line because more bodies are in the water causing the water line to go up.

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