How to Select a Pool Heater  

by Pool Builders on 11-11-2013 in Articles

A quick swim in your pool is a great way to cool down after a long day but when it comes to enjoying the supreme comforts of your pool, a swimming pool heater is essential. However with the large variety of solar, electrical and natural gas based heaters, selecting the right heater for you and your family can be stressful.
When making that selection, it is important to assess the various types of heaters for pool available in the market such as solar, electrical and natural gas.

Go green with solar power - Solar Pool Heaters

For those of us looking for a cost effective pool heating system, solar heaters are the perfect option. Solar heaters eliminate various on-going maintenance costs for your pool as well as significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Its virtually non-existent operating costs are great for those families looking to enjoy the maximum luxuries of their pool without the added stress of hefty electricity bills. A point of caution however is its efficiency. Although ideal for summer, solar heaters are inefficient with a lack of sunlight making them unreliable and inconsistent. Another key factor to consider is the initial cost involved in purchasing a solar heater. Despite essentially zero on-going costs, the installation of a solar pool heater can cost you a fair bit not to mention its large size can be a hassle to adapt in and around your home.

Effective and efficient- Electrical Pool Heaters

Electrical heaters can prove to be a superior option for those of us on the hunt for a consistent and reliable pool heating systems, working effectively even in cloudy weather and night time. Despite having relatively higher operating costs as compared to its solar equivalent, electrical heaters prove to be an effective option. The efficiency of the electric heaters is one of its major advantages, working consistently all year round proving especially suitable for areas experiencing reasonably cooler weather and rarer access to sunlight. The installation costs of electrical pool heaters are substantially cheaper than natural gas and solar models. However, it is crucial that before making the decision to purchase an electrical heater, its heavy maintenance costs be taken into consideration. If the trouble of maintenance costs doesn't hinder your household bliss then the electrical heater is surely the most competent and effective option for you.

All natural- Gas Pool Heaters

A third option readily available in the market is a range of natural gas pool heaters. Natural gas can be a comparatively inexpensive approach to pool heating due to its low installation and purchase costs. Available in highly user-friendly models, this option rapidly heats up your pool to suit your demands. Whether it is a nice swim to relieve stress or quick dip before work, natural gas heaters are one of the fastest and easiest heating systems available on the market. However, it is important to realise the maintenance costs for this option can slowly eat away your family savings over the years of its use. Many users of natural gas heaters have also complained over its considerably shorter life span in comparison to models of electrical and solar heaters lasting on average around 5 years.

Installing a pool heater is a wonderful way of maximising the comforts of your pool, but before making that important decision it is vital to consider the various factors that relate to the installation and running of a pool heating system.

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