How to Select a Theme When Designing Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-10-2014 in Articles

When you have decided to employ a pool builder in Fort Worth, Texas, to install your home pool, you will need to make several decisions. While companies like Klapprodt Pools will follow your instructions and help you develop a design, they will want your input throughout the process. To save money and to be sure the job is being done to your liking, you will need to decide on the size of the pool, the depth of the pool, and, most importantly, the theme of the pool. There are many different designs available to you. Some possible themes will be discussed below. The important thing to know first is that you will want your pool to have identity. A boring, municipal-style pool with blue concrete lining and stucco flooring around it is ordinary. You might as well have a chain link fence around it displaying guest hours. An Olympic-style pool, while useful, will also need a theme, otherwise your backyard will look like a natatorium. You would not want your house to be shaped like an office building; your pool, therefore, should also have a unique theme. Here are some ideas to match with the theme of your home.
If your home is modernist in theme, with minimal decor and a focus on function, simplicity and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, then your pool should also have beautiful simplicity. A low rectangular pool lined in pure white and sunken into a deck will be beautiful while also appearing to be part of your backyard's natural landscape. It will be alluring in its understated, artful sleekness. Be sure your large picture windows can show off your pool from inside the home.
If your home is highly contemporary and integrated with tech-savvy products, then try a pool lined in metallic black or with multicolored backsplash, almost like what you would find in a kitchen. Include spa-style features like a fire pit, spillaways, and artistic water fountains to amp up the sleek and forward-thinking personality of your home. Colored lights in the pool will radiate a cool glow at night. Set up an outdoor grill or stone fire oven nearby.
If your home has the theme of a Mediterranean villa, you will want a free-form shape to your pool resembling a natural water hole. Line your pool with natural rocks and plants, especially brightly colored flowers. This will all give you the illusion that your home is on the water's edge, overlooking the ocean. A light, sky blue coating to the pool will give the water a crystal-clear appearance, like the romantic waters of the Mediterranean sea. A nearby cabana will tie the look together.
A craftsman, Tudor- or Victorian-style home will benefit from having a deep blue, square pool with an eye-catching center feature, such as a ceramic fountain. Off-white stone or ceramic tile can surround the pool. Incorporate manicured plants around the pool area to create symmetry. Ideally, your pool should resemble a large fountain in an estate garden, complementing your home's regal and old-fashioned beauty.
There are as many possibilities for a pool as there are homes, but hopefully some of the ideas above inspired you to figure out a luxurious design for your outdoor pool. No matter what type of home you have, your pool should always feel like an escape, so when you select a pool builder in Fort Worth like Klapprodt Pools, let them know how they can build the swimming pool of your dreams.

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