How to Select the Right Pool Alarms

by Pool Builders on 05-11-2010 in Articles

Pool alarms are a must if you own a swimming pool. They ensure that everyone in your home, in particular your child and pet are safe. There are various types of alarms that you may opt for. The door or gate alarms have a magnetic sensor that should be affixed on the door of the pool. If the doors are opened when the alarm is activated, it sends off an alarm alerting you. This alarm is best suited for security purposes for those who have a door on their pools. Yet another well-known pool alarms that you can employ is the perimeter alarm. It includes an array of sensors which are placed round the pool.

If someone tries to come close to the pool, the sensors activate an alarm that alerts you. Though this sounds perfect, it has certain limitations that you need to be aware of. It has to be adjusted as per your child's height, and thus will not be helpful if other children of shorter heights happen to be around. It is obvious that if one adjusts the sensor to trip at too low a height, then even cats and dogs will trigger it. The wrist alarm is eminent and preferred and needs to be placed around the wrist of the kid. If they accidentally fall in the pool, it will give off an alarm, thereby, alerting you.

However, it is quite expensive and it needs to be worn by your child throughout the day. Floating sensors are yet another type of pool alarms that you can opt in for. On being placed in the pool, it senses the motion of objects in the water. It might be a bit expensive, but is quite helpful. Though there are various types of alarms that you can choose from, there are certain factors that you need to consider before getting one for yourself.

The first and the most important factor is the amount of money you are willing to spend. You should search for the alarms depending on your budget, as some of them can be really expensive. You also need to consider the type of pool you have. For instance, if you do not have a fence you will not require a fence alarm. Last but not the least, certain alarms may not be fit for you if you have more than one child, each of different heights. In such cases the perimeter alarm cannot help you. Thus, chose your alarm wisely, and ensure the safety of your kids.

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