How to Select the Right Size Filter For Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2007 in Articles

There is a lot to know when you are a pool owner. Luckily there are resources and articles such as this that can help reduce the complexity. Even if you are just keeping a contractor honest it is important to be a smart pool owner. This article helps simplify the selection of the right size filter for your swimming pool. The correct filter size depends on the size of the pool. To maintain a good water clarity you must run the pump each day so that all the water in the pool is turned over once.

All filters have gallon per minute design rating and turnover rate. The minimum turnover rate for your pool is one that turns over the entire pool once in at least 10 hours. A turnover rate of 8 or 10 hours is the typical sizing rates for pools today.

The first thing that you need to know is how many gallons of water are in your pool. A 4' deep 24' round pool has 13,500 gallons. Knowing this you can now select a correctly rated filter.

Choose a filter that would at a minimum turn your pool over i 10hrs. With filters it is OK to go bigger. Larger filter areas will help maintain good water clarity.

As an example: A 24 foot round above-ground pool has approximately 13,500 gallons. A Hayward S166T Sand Filter has a 10hr turnover rate of 18,000 gallons and would work well with this pool.

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