How to Set Up the Inflatable Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 05-08-2012 in Articles

Having a removable pool is exciting. It is not like the build-in one, it can not be carried everywhere, and do not suitable for every themes. Also, the inflatable pools are easy to install. However, before setting up, rules should be followed in order to use the inflatable swimming pool for a long time. How to set up the inflatable swimming pools? Let's look the steps below.

Firstly, we should choose a spacious ground to set up the inflatable swimming pool. Besides considering the rooms for the inflatable pool, we should consider the rooms for the blower system. It is also need to check out if there are branches or windows above the ground, in case the sharp things above can puncture the pool, when it is inflated.

Secondly, clean up the sharp things on the ground, such as the rocks, branches. It is also better to find a soft cloth or tarpaulins to place on the ground. It can prevent the inflatable swimming pool from puncture.

Thirdly, lay the inflatable swimming pool on the cloth or tarpaulin, and straighten out the pool. And then inflate the pools according to the instruction of the blower system. It is not good to inflate the swimming pool too much. If it is inflated too full, it may be broken because of the air pressure. It exist the day-and-night temperature difference. So pay attention of the temperatures. If it is too hot, you should deflate some air. If it is a little cold, you should add some air in the inflatable swimming pool. Pressure may break the inflatable pools. Pay attention of the pressure is important.

Finally, fill the inflatable pool with water. The depth is up to you, but it is supposed to be less than two-thirds of the inflatable pool. If the water is too high, it will suffer the unaffordable pressures and be out of shape, and it will tear at the end.

Swimming in the inflatable swimming pool may have fun. But we also need to pay attention of the safety just like the build-in pool. Kids are not allow being in the pool without adults' accompany. For kids, it is always easy to climb into the inflatable pool and not easy to climb out of it. If kids are playing in the inflatable pool, it is also better to fill the water shallow, in case it will cause accident.

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