How to Shop for a Solar Pool Blanket  

by Pool Builders on 05-20-2012 in Articles

One of the best ways to help keep any pool clean and warm is by using a solar pool blanket when the pool is not in use. This is especially true for overnights when pools can lose much of their heat due to the drop in temperature. When pool owners decide to purchase a new solar pool blanket, or replace their existing one, they should make sure to get the right one as they will last for many years. Taking the time to learn about the different options and choosing the perfect one for their pool is well worth the effort.

The first and most obvious thing which has to be determined when shopping for a solar pool blanket is its size and shape. Since pools come in many different sizes and shapes, it is critical to buy a pool blanket that will fit the pool perfectly. Solar pool blankets come in several standard sizes. However, if you have a custom made pool, you will need to have a solar pool blanket cut to the exact dimensions and shape to match. If one is purchased which is too big, it can be difficult to get in and out of the pool safely. Meanwhile, if it is too small, it will not be nearly as effective since the exposed water will still quickly loose heat and there will be less surface area of the blanket for the sun to hit.

Once the exact measurements for the pool are taken, the next steps for choosing the perfect solar pool blanket can begin. Finding the right thickness of the blanket is important since the thicker it is, the less heat can escape while the blanket is on. This can also affect how much heat is drawn into the water from the sun as well. Of course, the thicker it is and the higher quality the material used, the more expensive it will be. For some pool owners this is a difficult decision between spending more money up front for the better blanket compared to getting a less expensive one which won't keep the pool quite as warm. However, when they consider that the right blanket can last for years and think about enjoyment they can have from swimming in a warm pool for a longer amount of time per year, the decision becomes easier.

A last option to think about is whether or not to purchase a solar pool blanket holder. Many people love the convenience of having the blanket rolled up neatly at the end of the pool. It makes putting the blanket on and taking it off much easier since it is just a matter of pulling the blanket from the roll onto the pool, or rolling it back up. Some of these holders are even motorized to make the whole process even simpler. Other people prefer being able to take the blanket and put it somewhere out of the way.

While there are many choices and lots of information associated with choosing the right solar pool blanket, one thing is for sure. Everyone who owns a pool can benefit greatly from the advantages of using a solar pool blanket.

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