How to Start Your Own Pool Cleaning Service Business

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2011 in Articles

You can start your own pool route cleaning business, and make money, and have fun in the sun, at the same time! What college kid, or grown up, doesn't dream of being at the pool with lots of pretty girls around in bikinis! With this business, you can mix business with pleasure, and really enjoy your job!

You should be able to clean, and maintain swimming pool filter systems. You should know how to vacuum a pool out, and take water samples, and know what chemicals to add, to keep it at its peak swimming level. Pool filter systems are not that complicated if you stick to your basic home swimming pool designs. You can learn to clean the filters and back wash the system, to make it run clean again.

Check with local pool supply outlets in your area, ask them any questions you want answered. First, ask them if they are in the pool cleaning business also, if they say yes, maybe you should look for another pool supplier. When you find one that only sells swimming pool items, let them know you are beginning to clean swimming pools, and you would like to buy supplies from them, for your route you are starting. You might have some questions later on, and they would be the best source for correct information. A good dealer will gladly try to help you along, after all, you're buying from him, the products you need, for each home you work on. If not, move along, until you find somebody your comfortable with.

There are lots of homes with swimming pools. If they are not maintained and kept clean with maintenance, they get extremely dirty, and it won't take you long to build up your own route of swimming pools to clean, and then later you can teach others how to work for you, and grow the business, or sell it as a route in the newspaper for a profit!

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