How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business in the Right Location

by Pool Builders on 02-19-2014 in Articles

Starting out as an "independent" pool cleaner could be an advantage when trying to set up a full-scale business since you would already know the basics of pool cleaning. Armed with the right information, you are free to devise a good business strategy, get your own tools and equipment, and hire a couple of cleaners.

Getting Started

Those who are planning to get into the pool cleaning business should take a look at the following tips that could help them get their business off to a good start:

  1. Location counts - You need to find locations that actually have swimming pools. If there are only a couple of homes with pools in their own backyard in the area where you are located, you are not going to have much business. It might be a wise move to locate your business elsewhere or to make provisions to service other areas from your current location.

  1. Know the right people - Get contacts in the real estate industry and from the neighborhoods you are interested in. In the pool cleaning business, word of mouth counts a lot. A good word about your business from the realtor or a neighbor can give you the opening that you need to get a pool cleaning contract.

  1. Go for local advertising - The people in the places you can easily reach are the ones you need to know about your company and the services you offer. It would be useless for you to advertise on a national scale if the only places your pool cleaning crew can reach are those within the nearby cities. Find out what the locals are reading, where they are going, and what online sites they are visiting among others. These are the places where you should be advertising.

  1. Be where your prospective customers are - Find a way to interact with your prospective customers, preferably in a situation where they do not feel pressured to get your services. This will be a good way for them to talk to you and build trust and rapport before they decide to hire you.

If you can, you should tie up with a pool supplies store for your promotions. You can perhaps negotiate for a weekend of flyering or handing out your business cards in exchange for a coupon or two of free pool cleaning services that they can raffle off to their own customers. You can get creative in the way that you promote your business for as long as you are promoting it to the right people.

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