How to Swim Front Crawl  

by Pool Builders on 05-15-2011 in Articles

Most of us have plunged into the pool at some time or another. We've splashed about at parties, played underwater games, and probably spent out fair share of time lazing about on an inflatable chair, sunglasses on and a drink in hand. However, pools can be used for a much more beneficial purpose than mere fun, and if you ever get in your head to begin doing laps, to swim for health, than odds are you've hit upon one of the very best ways to get in great shape. Think about it: every swimmer you've ever seen on TV has usually possessed the body of a god, and for one simple reason: swimming is excellent exercise. So in today's article we're going to take a look at the basics of the crawl, and give you some tips to do it yourself.

Now, the essential part of a crawl is that you want to plunge through the water with as little resistance from your body as possible, so always be aware of trying to be streamlined. When you push off the edge of the pool, you want to hit the streamline position, where your arms are held directly before you and your legs extended behind. From there, you begin to move your arms.

The arm movement alternates from side to side, with one arm pulling as the other arm pushes forward. From your initial streamlined position your dip one hand down a little, turning the palm to a forty five degree angle and descending down through a semicircle. The first half of the semicircle is the pull, where you are dragging your body forward, and from the base up it becomes the push, where you are leveraging your body forward as well.

Then, when the arm has reached behind you, you begin the recovery phase. This involves pulling the elbow up and out of the water and toward the direction you are swimming in, with the rest of your arm hanging loose, fingers trailing up the side of your body and just above the water's surface. Remember to relax your lower arm complete, and keep the elbow as the highest point.

These are the basics of the front crawl, which when combined with the flutter kick allow you to truly glide through the water with the greatest of ease. Remember to always focus on being streamlined, and to attempt to glide and never thrash.

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