How to Swim a Faster Freestyle

by Pool Builders on 09-21-2009 in Articles

If you are a competitive swimmer or just recreational, you can learn to swim faster. Below are some tips to help you pick up some more speed in the water.

Keep a good body position as you swim. Do not let your legs and hips sink, try to stay up in the water. Also you should be looking to the bottom of the pool, not out in front of you. Try to think about making your body long in the water or more streamlined. Following these will help reduce some drag on your body.

Try swimming faster during your training time. Do some sprints at different distances like sprinters do on the track, just swimming up and down the pool will only make you able swim a longer distance. If you want to go faster speed it up some.

Become a fast kicker. Learn to increase the number of kicks for the distance you swim. Check out all of the fastest swimmers, they all have a fast kick. Practice different kicking speeds for yourself to see if it improves your swim. But if you are a triathlete you should keep the kick slower because you will using you legs for the bike and run and you do not want to overtire.

As you swim try to keep your hips and legs as straight as possible and only rotate from the hips up. You can rotate your shoulder with each arm stroke to the point your shoulders come out of the water. Just as you begin to pull your hand through the water, begin to rotate the opposite direction.

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