How to Swim in the Sea

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2009 in Articles

When you get into a sea you will need to check on the temperature of the water. Temperatures can greatly vary depending on where you are. It is important to avoid being in sea water that is seventy degrees Fahrenheit in temperature or lower. If you have a wetsuit it will generally be easier for you to handle water like this.

You will need to avoid getting your eyes wet. This is essential because many bodies of water are ones that can be very salty in composure. The salt can be difficult for your eyes to handle. The use of eye protection can be useful though.

As you are swimming in the sea you should not try to work harder than you would in a regular pool. Being calm will be important because swimming too fast in the sea will cause you to be more likely to get into riptides or other dangerous areas in the sea.

In some cases you could end up getting near a riptide. This is an undertow condition where items can be dragged out far away into the sea. In the event you come near a riptide you will need to swim in a direction parallel to the shore nearest you. After this you will need to swim back to the shore in a diagonal direction.

When swimming in the sea you will need to watch for the depth of the sea. You should look to get back to a normal footing in the water when you get to an area in the sea that is as deep as you are tall.

The last tip to use deals with sea creatures that could be in the sea you are swimming in. Many sea creatures are harmless to humans. In fact most sharks do not even attack people. However you will need to watch for any bacteria that come from storm water runoff in the sea you are in. You should also stay away from any large coral areas.

When you swim in the sea you will be able to get into a great place for swimming. You will need to prepare properly and use the right measures for staying safe when you are swimming in the sea though. All of these tips should be used to help you with having the safest and most enjoyable swim possible.

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