How to Take Care of Your Grey Summer Hair  

by Pool Builders on 07-10-2013 in Articles

Summer is here in full splendor, which probably means you will spend lots of quality time dipping in the swimming pool and/or luxuriating on your favorite beach. All of this summer fun should be greatly enjoyed, but not at the expense of your striking grey hair.

You might not know this, but many of our fun summer activities are not so fun for our hair. A dip into the pool, for instance, can turn your grey locks an unwanted shade of green. This is because when the chlorine mixes with the natural minerals and metals in the water, this green tint will ensue. Chlorine also dries out hair, making it brittle and straw-like - in other words, difficult to style.

However, there are many ways to take care of this ill-fated, green swimmer's hair.

The first is to make sure to use a grey hair shampoo specifically made to strip out unwanted chemicals like chlorine.

Many steer clear of swimmer's hair by avoiding getting your hair wet altogether. This could be as simple as not going underwater. But if you love to submerge, you could sport a lovely swimmer's cap. These caps can be quite stylish, sold in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

Besides the chlorine, the hot summer sun can also have an adverse effect on your hair. Ultra Violet rays are just as harmful for your hair as they are for your skin. These rays break the bonds in keratin, the protein that makes up hair. This causes roughness, split ends, and can give your hair a bleached-out look.

One of the easiest ways to protect your hair against the sun's rays is to wear a sun bonnet, head band, or bandana.

Stylists advise people to cut their hair about a centimeter if it's been exposed to sun for a long stretch of time. This will stop the formation of split ends.

Also during summer months, one should be sure to consume a diet rich in Vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. These antioxidants keep away the free-radicals abundant in radiant sunlight. Without these antioxidants, these free-radicals destroy cells. To this end, consume fruits and vegetables like apricots, grapes, broccoli, and spinach.

Besides all of these suggestions, be sure to follow your normal hair care routines. Healthy hair is much less likely to be affected by sunlight or chlorine than is already damaged hair.

So you don't have to stay in-doors all summer just to make sure your grey hair looks great! Simply follow the above instructions, take good care of your hair with quality grey hair care products, and you can dive into that swimming pool, or luxuriate on your favorite beach until your heart's content.

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