How to Take Your Dog to the Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2009 in Articles

Not all dogs have a particular liking for water or swimming pools. Some will for instance respond with distress when their owners get into the water, especially when their bodies disappear completely! They might bark or growl and start being very agitated. My puppy for example didn't enjoy it one bit, even though she does love to play around the yard with the garden hose and likes to splash in puddles. Somehow, the swimming pool was just too much, too soon. So if you want to be able to enjoy your swimming time with you pooch, this could be useful for you!  

Rewards can work miracles in dogs, especially when they are still only puppies. So give your dog its snacks near the pool. Or even feed it dinner near the pool for a day or so. Dogs always get really fond of any place they associate with food! (as am I come to think of it ;)

Rewarding usually works wonders. Take it nice and slow though, start with taking your dog to the pool, give it a snack. Next time, sit on the edge of the pool and slowly submerge your legs: if puppy tays calm, reward her.

Next go in the pool, but don't move too far away from your pooch. Maybe puppy will even join you. Rewards!

Just take it easy, do plenty of rewarding and soon your dog will love being around water and swimming pools as much as you and your family do! This is also an excellent case for Clicker training.

For a step-by-step guide and more info on training dogs and taking them out wherever you want to go, on a plane or to the swimming pool, check this website

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