How to Throw a Classy Adult Pool Party

by Pool Builders on 01-08-2012 in Articles

If you are fortunate enough to have a concrete pool installed in your backyard, you have the perfect location for a midsummer party, whether it is in the afternoon or the evening. Many people associate pool parties with teenagers or small children, but they can be just as much fun for adults as well, if pulled off correctly, making it a sophisticated rather than juvenile affair.

Concrete pools come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be placed anywhere in your house, whether it is your backyard, or you choose to have an indoor installation, a pool adds a touch of elegance and fun which provides entertainment for you and your entire family.

To throw a successful adult pool party, you would need to take the following steps to ensure that it is every bit the glamorous and classy experience that you imagined and that it does not look like a teenager's party.


An adult's party does not need streamers or balloons in order to look festive. You would just need to make a few adjustments to make sure that you are prepared such as mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and keeping garden growth in check so that your lawn would look neat and tidy.

You can add some festive tropical flowers that complement the color scheme of your lawn, and add decorations that look tropical, like carved coconut bowls and scattered sea shells. Do ensure that there are plenty of places for your guests to sit, throw in some bean bags or garden chairs if you are lacking other types of seats.

You can set up a few tiki torches in the area to give an exotic vibe to your party, set up with faux palms to give a truly tropical feel.


Planning out activities for adults is always a difficult task. While kids are content with playing Marco Polo, you would need something unique to appeal to adults. Plan out unstructured activities, which give your guests plenty of time to socialize and have fun. If you have a whirlpool plus your concrete pool, that would provide your guests with sufficient entertainment. You can also organize fun, meaningless contests such as belly flop concepts as fun forms of entertainment.


Music is essential, as without it any party is declared dead. The trick to stop the music from becoming the focal point of attention is to keep it light and in the background so that conversation is encouraged. You can pre-create a playlist, or leave it up to one of your musically inclined friends to play DJ. You can also just tune into a radio channel that you know everybody enjoys.

Alcohol and Safety!

Although concrete pools are safer than above-ground pools, you still need to ensure the safety of your guests especially if there is alcohol involved. Keep a drink count, and people who have consumed more alcohol than advised should be kept away from the pool. Similarly, glass bottles and sharp things should be kept away from the pool lest somebody slips and cuts themselves.

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