How to Use Apartments With a Pool  

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2013 in Articles

Living in an apartment community with a pool presents residents with one way to cool off in warm weather. In areas like Suffolk, Virginia, where summer temperatures frequently hover above 85 degrees, staying cool is as much a health concern as it is a matter of comfort. For many people who live in apartments, the concept of having a pool in the neighborhood might be a new one. Here are 10 tips to help tenants make the most of this amenity.

1. Learn to Swim
For those who don't know how to swim or float, the City of Suffolk offers private and group lessons at the Cypress Park pool. Separate classes are held for children and adults.

2. Bring Something to Do
Plan to relax and get away from the stress and hubbub of everyday life while spending time poolside. Bring a magazine, music with headphones, an e-book or something to do while sitting in the warm sun.

3. Schedule Your Time
Pay attention to the pool hours and work in some time every day for fresh air and enjoyment. You can lose track of the time while hanging out poolside. Bring a watch to keep yourself on schedule with other lifestyle commitments. Don't wear it on your wrist, though, or you'll get an unexpected tan line.

4. Pay Attention to Sun Angles
If you're working on your suntan or perhaps trying to avoid one, pay attention to where the sun is shining and where the shade is. Remember, the sun travels from east to west, morning to evening. The sun is positioned at its highest overhead point at noon.

5. Use Sunscreen
Protect skin from ultraviolet rays and burns with sunscreen. Read the label for information on how often and when to reapply it.

6. Stay Hydrated
Remember, the body doesn't absorb the water around you to stay hydrated. You need to drink fresh water or other beverages to minimize the effects of the heat. Avoid alcohol and those high in sugar for best results.

7. Exercise
While lying down on a chaise lounge is relaxing and fun, take some time to swim laps in the pool or do some water aerobic exercises to get your blood pumping. This can ward off high blood pressure and help keep weight to a healthy level.

8. Observe Posted Rules
Stay safe and comfortable by observing the posted rules for the pool area. While Suffolk apartments with a pool are more relaxing in the summer weather, they sometimes draw crowds of people who all want to stay cool. A rules board is meant to help people stay safe and respect others.

9. Meet the Neighbors
One of the reasons people live in Suffolk apartments with a pool is to be social and meet the neighbors. Take some time to plan a poolside picnic among new friends or bring a deck of cards along to help you meet new people.

10. Secure Valuables
While Suffolk is a large city, it still has a small-town feel sometimes. It's important for people to remember to secure their valuables while swimming. One option is to keep any highly valuable items in the apartment. Another is to use a waterproof pouch with important items in it that can be taken into the water or ask a trusted member of the party to keep an eye on it.

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