How to Use Copper Pool Testing Strips

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2009 in Articles

The Uses of Copper Pool Strips

With the copper pools strips, you can test the copper, pH and total alkalinity of the pool water. This is easy to do when you use the strip test kit. It has a chart that will tell you if the water is in the appropriate level range. When you use the strips, you simply dip them in the water and compare the color of the strip to the supplied chart. This will tell you if the water chemical levels need adjustment. If the adjustments are needed, you will have to add chemicals according to their specific instructions.

PH Levels in a Copper Pool Strip

The copper pools strip test kit can help keep the chemical levels where they should be when people are using the pool regularly. If you do not use the test kit to check the levels, the pool water can become unsafe. The test strip will test the pH levels. If the levels are low or high, you must add soda ash to raise the level or use a pH reducer to lower the level. Then you can check the water again after a few hours to make sure that the other chemical levels are safe. This is an important part of pool maintenance.

Water Testing with Copper Pools Kit

If you have a pool, you should always have a pool testing kit. The copper pool testing kit will work for resting the necessary chemical levels. It is important to keep the pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, and the chorine level between 1.5 and 3.0 PPM. If the levels are out of range, add chemicals to correct the problem before anyone is allowed to swim. After you use the strips, you can discard and use a new one every time.

The copper pool [] test strips are easy to use and they will help you maintain your pool. If the pool levels are safe, then the people that swim with be safe. If the chemical levels are high or low, use the proper chemicals one at a time to correct the problem. You can use these copper pools strips for above ground pools and indoor pools. This is the best way to keep swimmers safe and maintain a clean pool. You should always have a test kit if you have a pool that is used by anyone to swim. This protects the pool and the people.

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