How to Use a Garden Hose to Drain Standing Water from a Winter Pool Cover  

by Pool Builders on 11-23-2011 in Articles

A swimming pool provides many hours of fun in the sun during the warm summer season. But during the rainy winter season, when bad weather prevents most outdoor activity, the pool may sit unused for a time. What is needed during this time to keep the rain and debris out of the pool is a winter cover.

When rainwater collects on the surface of the pool cover, there is a possibility that the water weight may cause the cover to bow and sink into the pool, spilling the water and debris into the pool water. Of course, this is exactly what you were trying to avoid when you put a cover on the pool.

To remove the collected rain water and melted snow from the surface of the pool cover, you can use a pool cover pump, a device designed specifically for this purpose. Some of the top brands of pumps currently being sold include names such as Little Giant, Flotec, Rule, and Brute Force. Pumps are available in both manual and automatic models. A manual pump needs to be started and stopped by hand, whereas an automatic pump turns itself on and off automatically.

Should no electric pool cover pump or general purpose utility pump be available to extract the excess fluid, a garden hose can be used to siphon the water instead. It will take a little more time to drain the fluid with a garden hose, but it will work.

To get started, you will need a garden hose that is 25 feet or longer. Coil the hose and submerge the entire length of it into the water sitting on the pool cover. Let it fill up with water. You will see bubbles rising from the ends of the hose as it fills up with water. When no more bubbles come from the hose ends, the hose should be filled with water.

Put your thumb or finger on one end of the hose, then place the hose end at the drainage area you have selected. Finally, remove your finger, and let the water flow from the hose end. What has just happened to make this work is that you have created a simple siphon effect where atmospheric pressure and gravity pull the water through the hose. It will continue to flow through the hose until most of the water is extracted from the cover.

Draining the water with a garden hose will take longer than it would if using a pool cover pump, but is an effective method nonetheless. If your budget is tight, or you don't want to buy an electric pool cover pump, the garden hose method will cost you no more than what you pay for the hose.

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