How to Use the Pool Water Test Kit

by Pool Builders on 06-06-2011 in Articles

Balancing the chemicals in your pool water is necessary as it is a standard operating procedure on all types of swimming pools. This is done in order to prevent any negative effects on the medical conditions of the bathers that are related and caused by the imbalanced elements in the water. The adjustment in the chemistry of the pool water is as a gauge, vital in dictating how safe or unsafe the water is for the human body.

Although contacting your local water company would probably be a good idea in order to get the current amount of chemicals and their levels in your tap water, running several water tests with a water test kit is still the best thing to do to get the accurate readings. Most of the components in the pool water already have their given chemical levels as the water used on pools is tap water. That's why the proper setting of chemicals on the water should be done to get the elements in the water in their needed safe zone.

Just like adjusting anything to everything, the accurate readings should be taken first in order to get an idea on how much improvement is needed. When you buy a water test kit, make sure that you get something from a reputable manufacturer as the health of the water mainly depends on the credibility of the test kit. In order to get the correct level, the pool water tool should work properly and must be dependable.

Do not turn off the pool filtration system as well as the pool pump when you are running some tests in the pool water. Remove the test kit from its packaging while making sure that you are not touching the colored part of the strips. Wet hands can ruin the test kit as the water may drip into the colored strips of the tool and will give different results. You need to test the pool water and not the tap water from the faucet that you used for washing your hands. An instruction can be seen on the packaging of the test kit and make sure that you follow it to have a successful water testing result. Let the colored part of the kit dip into the water for a while before taking it off the pool water. Wait for a few minutes until the boxes change their colors according to their chemical makeup in the pool water.

The results based on the changes in the color of the kit can be checked and compared to the chart included in the water testing kit. From there you will know how much of each chemical you need to pour into the water to make it balanced.

The distribution of each chemical should be done gradually and in smaller parts to avoid adding too much of what is only necessary to get the right parameters. Pouring diluted solutions of chemicals is much safer than broadcasting it in your pool although adding chemicals in its powdered form by being extra careful will work just fine.

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