How to Use the Spa Pool for Improving Athletic Performance

by Pool Builders on 12-20-2014 in Articles

If you love jogging or cycling or train for a marathon and you have a spa pool in your home, then you can use this facility for boosting your performance. You can get the same benefits as professional athletes. You will do better in every respect. Find out how to use the hot pool safely and effectively

Relieving Sore Muscles

It has been found that submersing in a spa pool after a workout can reduce muscle soreness by over a third. You just have to ensure that your body has cooled down after exercising and that your heart rate is within the normal range before you get inside. The massaging effect of the water jets will provide relief to the sore muscles and reduce the naturally occurring inflammation of the joints. You will also feel fully relaxed. You will be able to sleep better and recuperate fully.

This spa treatment helps to speed up recovery after working out. Your body will be fully ready for exercise much more quickly. This helps to reduce the risk of injuries.

Treating Minor Injuries

If you have got a strain or sprain or another kind of minor injury, you should treat it with ice for two or three days. Once the inflammation is significantly reduced with this treatment, you can readily hop in the spa pool. You will get pain relief. The warm water will improve blood circulation and more white blood cells will reach the injured area. In this way, you will enjoy faster healing. You can use this type of treatment for major injuries as well. Just make sure that you consult you doctor first and follow her recommendations strictly.

Doing Exercise in the Pool

You can do various types of exercises inside the pool. It is ideal for strength training and for stretching exercises. You just have to set the water to the optimal temperature and use appropriate gear such as a stretch band. You will enjoy a workout with the same intensity as you normally do, but the exertion on the muscles, joints and tendons in your body will be significantly reduced. It is not surprising that older people and those with musculoskeletal problems are advised to exercise primarily in the water. You can also opt for a large spa with swim jets which will enable you to enjoy these great sport at home.

If you do not have a spa pool yet and you want to reach even greater achievements, you should certainly consider investing in one for your home.

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