How to Vacuum A Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2011 in Articles

Do you own a swimming pool at home? If you do have a swimming pool, you should give proper care to the pool because you cannot just jump in the pool without considering about the condition of the pool. It is important to keep the pool in good condition. You can keep it in good condition by cleaning the walls and floor to prevent mold and other things that can cause bad water quality. Bad water quality can cause your skin feel itchy, eyes irritation, and more.

In this article, I will show you how to vacuum your swimming pool. Follow the steps below in order to perfectly vacuum your pool.

1. Attach the vacuum hose to the head in order to allow the engine to work.

2. Before you place the adapter in the skimmer, you should flood the hose with clean water. If it is necessary, you can remove the basket before attaching the hose. This should be done only for certain model of vacuum pump.

3. Do the cleaning procedure correctly as the manufacturer instruct you in cleaning the unit. Slowly move the unit in order to clean the pool thoroughly without causing trouble to the machine. You can use grid pattern for better operation.

4. The next thing that you have to do is disconnect the house of the pump and remove all of the equipment.

5. You are ready to turn off the pump.

6. Clean all parts of the basket.

7. Set the filter to "backwash" setting and activate the pump.

8. Wait until the water is clear.

9. Set it to "rinse" mode and make sure that the machine is activated.

10. After that you can change the setting back to "filter" option.

Your unit is all set for the next operation. Make sure that you store it in a good place for easier regular maintenance. Do not forget to do "backwash" regularly to avoid filter from getting clogged. By doing this, you will get perfect result and everyone can jump to the pool without worry.

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