How to "Winterize" Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2011 in Articles

Sadly, summertime fun is close to an end. If you do not live in a climate in which your pool can stay in action, there are important steps to "winterizing" your swimming pool.

It is important to prepare your pool properly for winter because it prevents damage that the freezing weather can cause. Freezing water expands, causing cracks and other damage. Even if you live in a typically warm climate, it is smart to be prepared in case freezing weather surprises you.

The most important step is to make sure your pool is properly chemically balanced. It is easy to forget your routine when the pool is out of use. If you choose to cut back on your pool maintainer's visits during the winter or maintain the pool yourself, check in to a pool supplies retailer to make sure you have all the necessary chemicals for winter, like winterizing algaecide and anti-freeze. Some even sell kits with all the necessary chemicals in one package. It is usually recommended to treat the pool with algaecide and shock treatments, although not at the same time, (Shock treatments often break down algaecides) but many pools require unique chemical maintenance, so check with a professional.

Remove your pool cleaner, ladders, skimmer baskets, and other supplies that could be harmed by frozen water. If storing these items outside, make sure they have been drained of all water. You don't want to remove them from the pool just to be damaged by water sitting inside of them. Any pumps, chlorinating equipment, and filters should also be drained, as frozen water can cause cracks.

Vacuum the water from your plumbing lines. It is important to blow out the lines to the pool and then back from the equipment. Then use the necessary plugs depending on the way your pool was designed.

Drain the water level below your skimmers. If water freezes in the skimmer's throat, it can cause damage. If you would rather leave your water level alone, you can purchase an Aquador, which is a skimmer cover that blocks water.

Clean your pool before you close up shop. You don't want to have loose dirt and debris sitting in the pool for all those winter months.

An important part of closing down your pool is installing a pool cover. There are covers specially designed for the winter weather. There are even mesh covers that can be set on top of the heavier cover to remove leaves without having to uninstall and reinstall the heavy cover.

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