How to choose the best SCUBA dive mask, Snorkel or swim Mask  

by Pool Builders on 11-13-2011 in Articles

Picking your SCUBA dive, snorkel, or swim mask can be a real challenge if you are looking for the perfect mask to match your needs. Sure we all want to look good in the water, but when choosing a mask being able to see and see comfortably are different things all together. Choosing your mask requires you to identify where you will be primarily using your mask, the fit of your mask, and the vision that the mask allows.
When choosing a mask you need to identify where primarily the mask will be used. Is it for snorkeling, for diving, or both? The Cressi Perla Snorkel Mask has all the durability and comfort you expect from Cressi with an unbeatable price. It great for snorkeling, but we find it perfect for splashing around in the pool. The Mares Instinct Star Dive Mask is ideal for open-water spear fishing, scuba diving or any underwater adventure. Whether using the Tusa Visio Tri-Ex M-31 as a snorkel mask or scuba mask it will fit the bill for any underwater adventure.

Next, you need to check to make sure the fit of the mask is what you want. The strap, the edge/skirt, the volume and weight are all factors in making sure you have a comfortable fit. The Mares Demon Scuba Mask / Snorkel Mask offers a soft silicone skirt molds perfectly to any facial shape, while the buckles on the strap make it quick and easy to adjust, even when in the water. The Tusa Serene Mask (M16) gently conforms to the contours of your face. It's skirt is made with round edges to perfectly fit women & smaller faces. The Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin Mask features unsurpassed patented Liquid Skin technology that makes it 45% softer and 270% more elastic than what is typically used by other masks. It's a new era in dive mask comfort. The Extra-Soft Liquid Skin silicone offers never-before-seen levels of comfort, seal, and adaptation. Marks left on the face after a dive become a distant memory with the Mares X-Vision Mask. The Mares X-Vision Mask also comes in a mid size for smaller faces. And last is the Cressi Matrix Mask. It establishes new records in the revolutionary principle. The Dive mask has a unique ultra low volume design and weighs just six ounces.

The vision of the mask is one of the most important aspects of choosing your mask. Masks are generally divided by the number of windows, or lenses, on the mask. They start at one window but can go up to as many as four or more. The Tusa Serene Mask (M16) has a one window lens design with a wide field of front vision to capture the entire picture at all times. On the Tusa M-23 Viewtrek Scuba Mask the dive masks lenses have been spread apart, making it possible to get them closer to the eyes and to fit the nose skirt snugly into a thin frame between the lenses. Compared with conventional two-lens masks, this scuba mask has double the field of vision. This design also allows convenient access to the nose for easier clearing of the ears. Moreover, the short distance between the lens and the eyes enables more accurate framing during underwater photography. Enjoy a 200% increase in your field of vision!

Then there is the Mares Instinct Star Dive Mask. The geometry of this Mares mask was optimized to greatly reduce the distance between the lens and the eyes, working with the angle of the glass and the construction of the nose on the skirt. Compared to other dive masks in this sector, the Mares mask has also improved dual-lens stereoscopic vision with a greatly reduced space between the lenses above the nose that allows for better vision and perception of distances. This makes the Mares Instinct mask ideal for open-water spearfishing, scuba diving or any underwater adventure.

The Tusa Visio Tri-Ex M-31 scuba mask / snorkel mask is a revolutionary new 3 window design offering an ultra-wide 168 panoramic view. This amazingly wide viewing angle is achieved by the incorporation of domed side windows and the significant reduction of frame structure around the lenses, increasing the field of vision by dramatically over traditional masks. And if you want four windows, the Cressi Penta Mask is the one for you! This dive mask has a Cressi patented raked lenses with an inverted teardrop shape for incredible downward vision, together with a frame that has side windows made from a very new scratch-resistant material that is a lot more transparent than glass and polycarbonate. It's newly designed liquid silicone skirt provides for a great seal around the face and magnificent comfort, along with buckles that are integrated into the frame.

After you have found the perfect mask, you would have identified the primary water type the mask will be worn, the fit of the mask, and lastly the vision. Now, go get your Dive, your Snorkel, or your Swim on, and remember looking good is only half the battle.

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