How to clear up cloudy pool water   

by Pool Builders on 03-01-2012 in Articles

Cloudy pool water is frustrating. It ruins the look of your pool and can make swimming not only uncomfortable but unsafe. If your water is cloudy, it means that there is something wrong with your equipment or chemical balance.

Cloudiness is usually caused by poor filtration. This could be because you just opened the pool up for spring or that your filtration system could be struggling. Make sure your filter isn't damaged and replace any cartridges or screens that are damaged. Try using a cartridge rinse to remove any buildup on your cartridges. Regular use of a cartridge rinse can make your filter system run better.

Check the water balance. If your balance is off, contaminants may not be dissolving properly. It could be a sign that algae is on its way. Algae can form because of environmental factors or because of your chemical balance. Before algae forms, one telltale sign is that the water is cloudy. Try an algaecide and if you're having trouble with a specific kind of algae, there are specialized algaecides available like Black Zapper for black algae. Make sure you are using enough sanitizer and that you're shocking the pool regularly.

So, how do you get things back to clear? Make sure all of your equipment is functioning properly. Your pool works as a system, and if one appliance is out of order, the whole system is affected. Make sure you are running your pump long enough and that nothing is clogged. Test regularly and adjust pH and alkalinity accordingly.

After shocking and running the pump for a while, if you're still having cloudy water problems, there are a few chemicals that can help, like Super Floc. This is a clarifier that brings suspended particles to the bottom of the pool. It works for algae, too. Also, when you enter the pool, the oils and lotions that you use get in and mix with the pool's chemistry. This can contribute to cloudiness. Super Floc can bring those substances to the pool floor as well. The contaminates can then be easily vacuumed or picked up by your pool cleaner. You can find Super Floc and other chemicals at a pool and spa supplies store.

Another chemical that can help is shimmer. Some pool owners think that shimmer just makes pool water look pretty, but it actually does improve water health. It makes dirt and other debris coagulate. Super shimmer is even more powerful and if your pool isn't responding to regular shimmer, you could give it a try.

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