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a swim team can be both challenging and rewarding, because the secret to winning the majority of teams, is often a good coach. But before taking his whistle and head of the pool, there are some things you should know about becoming a swimming coach.

Know the rules. In a bathroom there are four strokes and specific rules for the mechanics of each stroke. This is especially true for younger swimmers or principles, such as the execution of a stroke could result in the removal of a career. Most leagues will have a book that describes the regulation of all the standards for coaches and officials.

proper training in research. Learning the physical and psychological limits of the age group that is training and how to handle their specific needs, it's a good idea for anyone training sport. If you are really serious about coaching, you may want to consider taking a course on the topic Creating a.

practice. If you've never coached swimming before, there is no reason for concern. There are books, videos and Web sites that not only give examples of exercises on stroke and endurance-building sets, but also have shown the full practices that are age appropriate and skill.

Find an event for each swimmer. After the first few weeks of practice, you should have a pretty good idea of their careers that will be good swimmers. For the start of the swimmers, it may take a few meets and some trial and error to find your strengths, but the experience swimmers most likely more than happy to tell you what is good (many can tell you their best times right down to the hundredth of a second ).

create camaraderie. In individual sports like swimming and track, it is sometimes easy for an athlete to focus solely on their best events. Remind your swimmers are just as important as personal achievements, it takes the whole team to win a match. Encouraging swimmers to encourage others not only meets but also in practice, will help keep them motivated and feeling like a team.

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