How to cut down on pool maintenance costs   

by Pool Builders on 03-11-2012 in Articles

One of the greatest concerns of pool owners regards cutting down on maintenance costs. Pools are sources of endless entertainment, but the upkeep can get expensive. Here are some ways to cut down on swimming pool maintenance costs.

Fix problems before they get even worse, and therefore more expensive. Problems concerning the pool's structure are rare, but they can be the most costly. Every once in a while, check the pools surface for signs of damage. Finding damage early means that you can fix it before the problem gets worse. Try to avoid draining your pool water or doing anything else that might damage the pool's structure.

This rule applies to equipment, too. If there is a problem with your filter, skimmer, pump, or really any essential part of your circulation and sanitation system, you could upset your water chemistry and suffer from cloudy water, algae, or other types of contamination that could lead to stains or other problems. This means extra time and chemicals spent trying to fix the problem, and if you can't fix it yourself, you're in for an expensive visit from your pool technician. One of the biggest ways to cut down on maintenance costs is prevention, so make sure your chemical balance and pool equipment are in tip-top shape.

Harness solar energy to heat your pool. There are lots of solar-powered products available, especially when it comes to pool heating. You'll see a lot of homes and businesses with solar panels installed on top of them, and now there are solar panels, like the SunGrabber, for your pool. They can be installed on your roof or near your pool on the ground, which is usually the case for above-ground pools. This will greatly cut down on the costs of heating your pool. You can also use a solar pool cover. Solar covers can warm your pool up to fifteen degrees. On certain days, that's all the heating you'll need.

Replace outdated appliances and when shopping for new pool and spa supplies, look for efficiency. Older pool supplies can eat up lots of energy trying to accomplish tasks that newer, more efficient supplies can handle with less time and power. If you have one weak link in your circulation system, whether it's the pump, filter, skimmer, or any other part, your whole system will suffer. Just updating your system will increase efficiency, but there are energy-efficient products available to cut down on costs even more. Look for pumps with low wattage, pool cleaners with low voltage, and filters that utilize €flow technology,€ which means that you can run the filter for less time.

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