How to deal with green pool water   

by Pool Builders on 01-10-2012 in Articles

There are a few reasons why a pool turns green. You could have an unbalanced water chemistry. You may not be adding enough chlorine or have a more advanced chemical problem. You also might not be running the filter long enough or it could be an algae problem.

Your next step depends on the level of debris in the pool. If the water is both green and is either so murky that you cannot see the bottom or you can see larger debris, you should clean it out with a leaf net. Removing these debris with a net prevents them from clogging your skimmer or filter. If you have an overwhelming amount of algae in the pool, you may want to manually scrub the sides and bottom or consider using an algaecide so that things will get cleared up more quickly. Whether or not you use a vacuum or automatic cleaner to get rid of the algae depends on the amount of algae and whether or not the appliance is equipped to handle it.

You may be wondering why the first step is not to drain the pool. That would make things easier, right? Well, this should only be done on above-ground pools. When in-ground pools are drained, they may collapse. There is a balance between the pressure of the surrounding ground and the water inside of the pool, and draining it can upset this balance. Clearing an above ground pool is much simpler€"drain it, clean it, and refill it.

Next, you will want to check the water chemistry. If your alkalinity or pH is outside the suggested levels, which, if the pool is green, this is likely to be the case, you need to adjust them so that they are correct.

Then you need to shock the pool, or, in other words, super chlorinate it. The amount depends on the size of your pool. Follow directions for the amount suggested for the size of your pool. However, you may need to keep adding it until it looks like it is getting the job done.

The last step is to run the filter twenty-four hours a day until the pool is clear. Considering the hard work it is doing, the filter will most likely get clogged a few times a day and need to get backwashed.

If you are still having problems with a green pool, you may want to consult a professional. You may have a pool filter problem or advanced chemical problem. Make sure you have all the necessary pool and spa supplies to get the job done. Don't get caught up in a green pool problem when it's time to open pools back up in the spring!

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