How to make your pool water sparkle   

by Pool Builders on 02-12-2012 in Articles

Having a sparkling pool is not only pleasant to look at, but beautiful pool water is a sign of a healthy pool! Here's how to make your pool water sparkle:

Make sure all your equipment is in working order. Your pool cleaner, pump, filter, skimmer€" all of these appliances are essential to keeping pool water clean. If you think of your pool as an organism, then these appliances are the organs. If one appliance malfunctions, then the whole system goes off balance. Always be on the look out for rust and grime. During winter, make sure that everything is drained of water so that frozen water doesn't cause cracks inside hoses and other parts.

If you maintain your pool yourself, get your pool professionally tested every once in a while. Odds are, you are doing a great job testing the water on your own, but it's important to have your work checked by professional at least once a year. It would be a good idea to get this done every season, however, because water maintenance should change according to the weather. During the winter, you'll have a different chemical routine than during the summer, and professional testing can help keep you on track.

Coordinate vacuuming and manual cleaning with running the pool pump. If you vacuum your swimming pool or brush the sides, then run the pool pump while you're doing this or directly after. As you manually clean, you release some of the contaminants you were scrubbing off into the water, and running the filter while you clean can help get rid of these contaminants right away.

Get a top-notch robotic pool cleaner. Pool cleaner technology has come a long way, and these new robotic cleaners, like the the Aquabot, can actually sense where it needs to go.

Shock the pool until it is clear. Effective pool shocking is absolutely essential to having sparkling pool water. Shocking gets rid of buildup that the normal amount of chlorine can't rid of, and it also rids of the waste that your everyday amount of chlorine leaves behind after it kills contaminants.

If the algae isn't gone yet, pull out the algaecide, and follow the directions closely. Many algaecides are meant to be used while the pool pump is running for a certain amount of time.

Use pool shimmer! This secret weapon, which can be found at a pool and spa supplies store, coagulates debris that make water cloudy. Use it last so that the water is as clear as it can possibly be before adding the shimmer.

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