How to open a swimming pool for spring   

by Pool Builders on 02-11-2012 in Articles

Some pool owners choose to close their pool down for winter, which can mean less regular maintenance. However, winterizing swimming pools means that there are certain steps to take when re-opening the pool for spring. You should probably start the process of re-opening a few days before you want to use the swimming pool so that you can be sure the pool is ready.

1.Balance the pool water. Make sure you go through the routine efficiently: check the alkalinity, pH, and adjust accordingly. You have to start off with shocking the pool, and keep adjusting until the water is clear. While you are balancing the water, run the pump constantly at the beginning of the season until everything looks clear. Once the system is completely balanced you can go back to running the pump for only part of the day. 2. Clean off the deck and surrounding area. You don't want to take off the pool's cover and clean out the pool only to have debris from its surroundings re-contaminate it. If you have water on top of your cover, remove it with a pump so that this dirty water doesn't contaminate the pool water.

3. Clean out any debris that made it past the pool cover. You can't properly shock the water of microorganisms if there are larger debris in the pool. Clean leaves, sticks, and other objects from the pool with a net before you get to balancing the pool water. You should clean out the skimmer basket as well.

4. Put everything back in its place. Remove any plugs, water tubes, or other tools you used to winterize. Re-install pool lights and return any other equipment back to where it goes.

5. Observe your equipment and make sure that everything is working correctly. If they weren't drained properly, some equipment could have been damaged by frozen water or could have malfunctioned another way while the pool was on hiatus. Some equipment doesn't run efficiently after months of not being used, so it's important to monitor them closely.

6. Re-stock on pool chemicals and other necessary supplies. You don't want to get re-opening in motion only to have to halt because you didn't realize you're out of chlorine. Make a trip or order online from a pool supply store well before you plan on re-opening so that you know you have everything you need.

It can be difficult to get back into a daily pool maintenance routine after taking the winter off, but relaxing in your pool on a hot day will make it worth the effort!

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