How to select automatic pool controls?  

by Pool Builders on 01-30-2012 in Articles

Imagine coming home and enjoying a relaxing warm, clean pool offering a true relaxation after a long day at work. On the other hand think about a pool having filtration and pump systems running during unwanted hours, thereby adding hassle and a big bundle of energy bill. The best is to opt for automatic pool controls that include pumps, lights, chemical feeders, heaters, filtration systems, jets and other electrical components incorporated in landscaping.

The technology of today makes controls accessible and helpful and in fact these controls also interface with your iPhone or cell phone offering ultimate remote access. There are others coming with control pads and LCD touch screens making managing pool more convenient. The pool industry has the most exciting innovation and no more need to fight spiderwebs on their equipments. The automatic pool controls totally take charge of your pool and now pool owners can make their backyard environment perfect with a simple button touch and control everything.

Earlier, automatic controls were retrofit onto pools as they had to run wires into the house from the equipment, but now with the change of times, everything is done using wireless technology. The need for selecting automatic pool controls is that it facilitates spending less time in doing manual processes and in enjoying swimming pool. The automatic controls are in two types and they are Solar Heating System controls and Automatic controls.

The solar heating system controls are designed such that they direct the water flow through a solar heating system that is based on the preset temperature. The solar control allows water through this heating system and is a great way of maintaining water temperature in your pool in transitional periods. The solar heating controls are restricted to solar alone, while the automatic controls have automating and regulating time of pool equipment.

The automatic pool controls can be turned off and on, besides it is also useful for turning off and on the music, air conditioning, pool heaters, heat pumps and lighting. In fact, anything that is running on electricity can be left unsupervised in the pool area to automatic control. These are set with times and using a remote control is best for pool. There are models offering the telephone option or counter interfaces such that it helps in activating the control systems. This brings ease and comfort having automatic pool controls. Hence, look for automatic pool controls featuring easy operation and touch control over valves, additional heaters, water features, pool and landscape lights and more, besides cutting energy costs.

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